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Tips for parents. Interview with Carmen Elefante, author of How to be a Great Dad.


TVO Parents interview with Laurie Flasko on Bullying: A Parent’s Perspective

I was interviewed by TVO parents about bullying and I shared Amanda’s story. Amanda was bullied in elementary school and by the time she reached high school she was no longer able to cope. Desperate to make the pain stop and wanting to give up on life she entered a five year period of darkness including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. I learned a great deal during that time and hope to share strategies with other parents who are experiencing the same or similar challenges with their child. In my interview with Cheryl Jackson I provide lots of tips to help parents deal with bullying. Check out TVO Parents for the complete interview at http://tvoparents.tvo.org/video/184896/laurie-flasko-bullying-parents-perspective. You can check out bullyingisnotagame.com for more information on the book or feel free to email any questions about the book at lflasko@laurieflasko.com.